Aktuarwissen für Afrika e.V.

Actuarial Sciences for Africa (ASA)

Sciences Actuarielles pour l’Afrique (SAA)


Applicants must hold at least an undergraduate degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, or any related field. The admittance of students is based on the documents they provide and on examinations they have to pass.

(a) The admission is based on the following exams:

Three written exams:
  • General culture, coefficient 2, duration 1 hour
  • Mathematics, coefficient 3, duration 1 hour
Two oral exams:
  • Interview on Motivation, coefficient 2, duration 30 minutes
  • Interview on English, coefficient 3, duration 30 minutes

(b) The application forms consist of:

  • ATOEFL (Paper based: minimum score of 575, or internet based: 90) or an equivalent test is required for admission if English is not your first language.
  • The education languages at our Department of Actuarial Sciences and Financial Mathematics are French and English. Any applicant whose mother tongue is not English must demonstrate a sufficient level of language proficiency in order to do course work here at our Department. This can be accomplished by sitting for a number of approved English proficiency exams.

  • Inscription form (to be obtained at our Department; or downloaded)
  • Birth certificate
  • Certified copy of required diploma(s)
  • Three up-to-date passport pictures
  • Four envelops with stamps (medium format)
  • Application fee of 6.550,- FCFA (ca. € 10)

(c) Admission and tuition fees currently are 327.500 FCFA (ca. € 500) per term (half-year) for the Bechelor level and 655.000 FCFA (ca. € 1.000) per term (half-year) for the Master level .